Friday, October 26, 2012

DeTech Fire Alarms Fill Most Important Niche

For many years, there has been a large void in home fire protection that has now been filled with the advent of DeTech fire alarms.  Let me begin by explaining that most homeowners do not even know there is a void, because they are not usually informed or aware that there is anything wrong with the over-the-counter smoke alarms or with the alarms the builders installed.


Most over-the-counter alarms available and most builder-installed smoke alarms use a proven outdated (but cheap) technology called ionization.  This has proven to have about a 50% chance that it will even work in a smoldering fire situation, not to mention they have a short life expectancy of 2-5 years, with a maximum of 10 years.  They also are prone to false alarms, causing homeowners to disconnect them or remove the batteries.  DeTech fire alarms use the modern optical technology that lasts much longer and gives an earlier warning to fire.


As for the void; there has always been the above described models that are readily available and cheap.  The other end of the spectrum includes sprinkler systems and wired-in, monitored systems.  Sprinklers can run the homeowner anywhere from $5-10,000 to get installed, requires maintenance that most homeowners won’t do and this system still requires smoke detectors to pass codes.  For years, this has been an option only for the wealthy.


Another system that tries to be in the middle, but is really on the upper end is the wired-in monitored systems.  The model most companies use here is a small installation fee, ranging from $300 to $2500, depending on the extent of the protection desired…but then they tag you with a $30-50 per month monitoring fee, making the lifetime cost of such protection very expensive.


Don’t misunderstand what this article is saying, as when it comes to your family’s protection from the devastation of fire, the most important thing should NOT be the price.  What is most important is does it work!  Only then can price be a factor.


Here is where DeTech fire alarms come in strong.  They give the homeowner an affordable choice and many options to allow the homeowner to customize their protection and not waste money on features not desired.  DeTech fire alarms have the most impressive record of no known deaths or injuries in a home protection with their system and the long-term costs are actually not much more than the over-the-counter models.  Even the monitored DeTech fire alarms are only half to a third the cost of the competition. 


If you are serious about fire protection and want to watch your budget at the same time, then you must consider DeTech fire alarms.  They give you the protection you want and deserve at a price that every family can afford. They filled a fire protection void and appear to be the logical choice if you want real value.

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