Monday, March 10, 2014

U.S. Fire Administration News

Weekly compilation of media reports on civilian residential fire fatalities

Civilian deaths:

  • Number of fatalities: 91
  • Number of states with fatalities: 26
  • Total number of incidents: 66

Demographic breakdown:

  • Male: 39
  • Female : 41
  • Gender unreported: 11
  • Over 65: 22
  • Children 14 and under: 11
  • Number of multiple fatality incidents: 21
  • Number of deaths in multiple fatality incidents:  46

Notes: Compiled by searching Internet news media for fire-related stories. Data not reported by the media is not included.

Some of the headlines this week

Year-to-date fire fatalities all ages: 758 (as of March 10, 2014)

Media story links are now available for each fire. For information on specific incidents please go to our webpage Residential Fire Fatalities in the News. The page will open in Map View. To get the story links you must export the data to a spreadsheet - follow these steps.

  • #1 Select the date range.
  • #2 Click Update Report.
  • #3 Go to "Export Data" section and select your report download option, for example Microsoft Excel. 

The US Fire Administration is committed to providing timely updates on civilian fire fatalities in the United States. Please note that we now use Twitter to post the story link to media reports on selected civilian fire fatalities. If you have a Twitter account, simply follow us @USFire. If you do not have a Twitter account you may subscribe to our Email Updates of the daily (7 PM Eastern) feed of Twitter posts.

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